Furniture Rental

Maximise the rental income for your unfurnished property and find quality tenants more quickly, using our short term furniture rental service. Staging your rental property helps you beat the competition and gives the property every chance of renting quickly at a higher weekly rental.

Home Styling

When we stage properties for sale it's amazing how often clients say they don't want to move now, because they are so pleased with the way their homes now look. We can achieve this look for you in your new home with our new home styling service. Save time and stress - let us do the work for you. Our stylist will visit your home and make recommendations on paint colours, layout and new furnishings.

Photo shoots

Stage to Sell offer short term furniture rental for setting up a photo shoot or TV commercial. We can provide sofas, dining, outdoor, beds, artwork and homeware. Why buy furniture for a photo shoot when you can conveniently rent the items and have them delivered to your location and set up ready to shoot?