Experienced Property Staging In Adelaide

Stage to Sell remains one of the most experienced property staging companies in Adelaide. Having been in the business for over 12 years, we are proud to offer comprehensive staging services that will get your home sold quickly. Today’s real estate market is very competitive, and it is important that you present your home in the best light so you are set up for a successful sale. Therefore, property staging has become more important than ever.

To achieve the best possible sale price, you must present your home beautifully in print, online, and in person. This is where we at Stage to Sell come in to complete house staging, providing you with designs and ideas tailored to your property’s needs. We offer offers high-quality, modern, stylish furniture for short time hire to give your home a brand new and sophisticated look.

Property Staging Adelaide
Property Staging Adelaide

We Are Adelaide’s Property And Interior Design Experts

Our property staging team in Adelaide create beautiful homes for sale. Home staging has become extremely popular within Australia, especially since it can benefit any property regardless of the intended sale price. Staging your home does not need to cost the earth. We can work with your budget to transform your home to appeal and to target potential buyers. We create a warm and inviting feel to each property.

Empty houses can appear smaller and sometimes difficult for potential buyers to visualise how to furnish the home. Buyers form an opinion about your home within 10 seconds of entering. As such, you must create an excellent first impression. If your home does not look well maintained, is over-cluttered, or has several distractions, it will be difficult to impress potential buyers. Overall affecting the sale price and how long your home stays on the market.

Why You Should Consider Professional Property Staging In Adelaide

To ensure you receive the best result, consider property staging in Adelaide to sell your home. Professionally staged homes are known to sell within approximately 45 days compared to non-staged and sellers who spend to stage their property recover over 100% return on investment upon selling their homes. Another reason to consider staging your home is that most buyers will first look at your home online and make their decisions based on the pictures you upload.

The pictures will ultimately determine whether they decide to visit your property. Home staging is also known to decrease the chances of buyers trying to negotiate a lower price. This allows your property to sell for what it is truly worth. Buyers today have high expectations, and you must showcase your property in the best possible way. Removing old items, adding modern pieces, and rearranging the furniture to work with the space can make a huge difference.

Property Staging Adelaide