The Best Real Estate House Staging

Real estate house staging is an art design to show off your property in its best light. House staging involves using your furniture in a new way, hiring modern pieces and de-cluttering the space. The process also helps buyers to focus on your home’s features instead of its flaws. At Stage to Sell, we offer our clients complete house staging solutions as we are committed to providing you with designs and ideas that are individually tailored to the needs of your property.

Our owner, Sharon, brings a wealth of experience to the business. She has formal qualifications in both Arts and Design with a passion for excellence. Sharon loves working with her team and clients to create beautiful spaces that are appealing to buyers. Our staging services gives your home a new sophisticated look that buyers desire.

Real Estate House Staging
Real Estate House Staging

Staging Your Real Estate House With Professionals

Stage to Sell offers real estate house staging services to assist you in selling your property in Adelaide. We create a warm and inviting feel for each property. Most buyers do not see past the current owner’s possessions, let alone identifying the home’s potential, therefore they will quickly develop an opinion of the home.

First impressions are everything; therefore, we make sure that we set up your home to confidently sell. Staging adds life to your home as it is difficult to sell an empty house purely because buyers struggle to visualise the space that they could potentially live in. With our cost-effective short term furniture rental services, we can stage your property, and help you sell it quickly. We will ensure it has a good presentation to set it apart from the competition.

Reasons To Hire Our Real Estate House Staging Services

With our real estate house staging services, we can help stage your property with modern furniture. Our house staging is based on a six-week furniture and accessories hire, including delivery, staging, and removal. However, you can extend this period weekly, fortnightly, or monthly depending on your needs.

Our process is also straightforward, and we will make time to see you a few days after your initial contact, measuring your space and discussing your needs. If you want a full stage, we can provide a quote straight away and if you need a partial stage, we will get back to you within the next day. Once we schedule a time to stage your home, we will organise the staging process which takes approximately three hours to complete depending on the size of the property.

Real Estate House Staging