What is the process?

Sharon will view the property and provide a free quote based on your requirements. Once the quote has been approved, and the deposit paid, we will organise a date for installation. Our team will return and collect all items once the property has been sold

Do I need to be there for the install?

No, you don’t. It is nicer for the owner to see the finished results

What happens during an install?

It is a little like organised chaos. The team will arrive in two vans. Good clear access is required. Soft furnishings are first in, then furniture and larger items. Then the finishing touches are applied Approximately two to three hours are required for the magic to happen

When should we get the staging done?

After cleaning, painting, gardening and all required work is completed on the property. The staging should be the final step before the photos are taken

What if the property sells early?

Congratulations. It means we must have done a great job. Unfortunately, there is no refund we can offer. Expenses still stay the same for us, insurance, delivery, styling, collection and running costs.

Can I use the furniture and live in the house after staging

We prefer you not to, and any damages will have to be charged at full replacement costs. We love pets but they have caused lots of issues in the past. We ask you to be careful, It is your responsibility to insure they can be collected in the same condition as when they were delivered.

Is the furniture & accessories insured, and who is liable for the excess?

All furniture and accessories are fully insured. In the event of an insurance claim, the excess will be billed to the property owner or authorized representative of the staged property.

Can I just hire a few items of furniture?

No, it is often not viable for us.

How do you hang your artwork?

On gyprock walls, we use brass hooks, on brick walls, we use masonry nails

Can I pay on settlement?

Yes, there is no upfront cost. Your settlement payment will be deducted from your sale proceeds

This offer is subject to T&C’s

Property must be vacant

15% extra premium payable if this option is selected

We deal with your conveyancers

If the property does not sell and you remove it from the market payment is due immediately. Any extra weeks will be charged accordingly